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Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have consistently been a very popular window among homeowners. Depending on the brand of window, these windows are created to be easy to use.  They come in so many varieties and configurations so homeowners don’t have to settle.  With single hung windows, the bottom panel moves vertically with the upper part being stationary or fixed. The single hung window is known as a type of sliding sash window. Single hung windows are a popular feature in new and remodeled homes as well as in apartments and office spaces. This is due in large part to the affordability and easy functionality of the window. With basic features, an affordable single hung window can run about $120 and up, sometimes even cheaper if quality isn’t of concern. For features like security, color changes or impact resistance, the price will increase, however the single hung window is still the most affordable window. It’s important to consider whether to buy impact or non-impact and vinyl or aluminum frames.  A single hung window is only as good as the materials you choose.

Benefits & Features of

Single Hung Windows

Most homeowners prefer the affordable single hung window option when purchasing new or replacement windows. This is due to savings of up to 20% per window when compared to double hung windows.  Even if you pay less for a single hung window, it is important to make sure you aren’t skimping on durability and expected life span. The single hung windows are equipped to be secure. This is because there are fewer failure points in their locking system. The single hung window, as well as all the various window types available at Palm City Windows, have options for energy efficiency. With only one operable sash, there is less air infiltration as the double hung window with two operational sashes. The single hung window is known to meet the sizing demands of a smaller room with ease. These windows are versatile and there are many available combinations when it comes to style, trim, shape and finishing options. 

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Upgrading to the best

Impact Single Hung Windows

Impact single hung windows are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. These may include high strong winds, hurricanes or the blazing high temperatures in South Florida. Many companies are familiar with homeowners’ need for security and thus the production of impact single hung windows has provided incredible security features. An ideal impact single hung window should have the following qualities but not limited to; thick durable frames, high sill which prevents water intrusion, and PVB or SGP inner layers. It is key to remember that impact does not mean that the window can’t break, it just means that unlike non-impact windows that shatter glass all over, a single hung impact window contains the glass inside of a laminate where little to no glass can shatter to the surrounding area causing injury. Single hung impact windows in South Florida are ideal because when a nasty storm (maybe a tropical storm or depression) is on its way, you no longer need to stress about shutters. When considering replacement windows, impact single hung windows are a great investment for many years to come.

Affordability & Customization

Non-Impact Single Hung Windows

Non-impact single hung windows share some of the many options of the impact single hung windows. They are engineered to meet the building code requirements where impact single hung windows are not needed, however in impact areas, shutters are often required to meet code. Non-impact single hung windows offer options for full protection from ultraviolet light, are low maintenance and have annealed glass coverings. The appearance and the affordability often attract homeowners to non-impact single hung windows. They are engineered to meet or exceed demanding energy-saving requirements. The non-impact single hung windows are also crafted with non-corrosive hardware like the impact single hung windows. While non-impact single hung windows are affordable, it is important to note that if you do not have shutters, the cost of replacement windows and shutters can often times be more expensive then the impact single hung windows.  For more information before making your decision, call our professionals at 772-781-2383.

More About Vinyl or Aluminum Frames

Vinyl Single Hung Windows
As the name suggests, vinyl single hung windows are made of what is commonly known as vinyl or uPVC material. Vinyl single hung windows offer good durability and stand up to the test of time. The maintenance of this type of window is very low and their cost in the market is averagely lower than that of aluminum single hung windows. The vinyl frames have an approximate lifespan of about 50 years before they need be replaced. Vinyl single hung windows also offer good thermal resistance and the frames often carry a lifetime warranty.  Ask to read, review and be sure to understand how your warranty works when purchasing your new windows.
Aluminum Single Hung Windows
Modern aluminum single hung window frames are generally separated by a thermal break which is a glass fiber that is reinforced with polyamide. This thermal insulation ensemble significantly increases thermal resistance while conserving structural strength. The durability of an aluminum single hung window is above average with very low maintenance and upfront costs. In addition, an aluminum impact single hung window is said to have the most resilience against the storms of South Florida. The drawback to purchasing aluminum over vinyl framed windows is that the aluminum single hung window offers a 3-year limited warranty versus the lifetime limited warranty of the vinyl frames. It is highly recommended that homeowners read, review and understand the warranty on all the windows we offer at GBW Windows.

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Optional Features Available

There are many features available to customize a single hung window.  Customize the glass tinting, configurations and shapes, contouring, sizes, frame colors for both inside and outside, glass finishes, and glass colors.

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Glass Finishes

Customize the look of the window with custom glass finishes.

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